VegaMux Multiplexer is a carrier-grade headend infrastructure element enabling flexible manipulation of MPEG2 Transport Streams in digital networks. VegaMux provides multiplexing, PSI/SI processing and scrambling of many services received over IP and delivered over IP and ASI interfaces.


The VegaMux's robust, extensible and highly scalable design supports MPEG re-multiplexing functionality, including PID remapping and filtering, insertion/regeneration of PSI/SI tables, service redundancy as well multiple IP sockets containing MPTS and SPTS. This configuration not only reduces rack space and power requirements, but also simplifies network infrastructure while delivering a high-availability solution.

The extended PSI/SI capabilities allow it to address many unique situations and challenges. All PSI and SI tables can be regenerated and played out, changing dynamically according to input changes.

The optional built-in DVB-CSA scrambler with DVB Simulcrypt interface allows easy integration with many leading Conditional Access (CA) systems, e.g. KeyFly.

The VegaMux series have different models varying from a ultra-compact solution (board housed in a EtherTV chassis) to a 1RU compact unit. Depending on the model, different input/output interfaces are available. ASI interfaces can be extended using EtherTV Bridge devices.


Key Features:

  • TS multiplexing/remultiplexing, scrambling and IP streaming
  • Multiple MPTS/SPTS received over IP and multiple MPTS generated delivered over IP. ASI output is available in POL-VEGA-MUX01 model
  • MPEG-2 TS over IP (UDP/RTP); multicast and unicast addressing are supported
  • Advanced management of PSI/SI tables, service filtering, and remapping
  • Extended PSI/SI capabilities:
    • PSI/SI inserting (e.g. EPG, play-out carousels…)
    • Dynamic PSI/SI re-generation
    • EIT multiplexing
    • Logical Channel Number (LCN) supported
  • Optional built-in DVB-CSA Scrambler (Simulcrypt interface): simultaneous and multiple conditional access (CA) systems supported. This option includes BISS encryption
  • Optional Multiprotocol Encapsulation (MPE): multiple IP streams can be encapsulated and multiplexed in the outgoing TS
  • Open loop statistical multiplexing (OLSM) provides the best QoS maximizing the number of available programs
  • Easy configuration via POLARplus Manager software tool
  • Device configurations can be saved and restored, making frequent configuration changes easier
  • 1RU/19'' solutions (POL-VEGA-MUX01 and POL-VEGA-GMUX01) and ultra-compact solution (POL-VEGA-MUXC) based on blade operation inside POL-ETV-SR21 chassis (see EtherTV chassis brochure)

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